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1000. Jungheinrich-ETV 216i goes to Italy

Two years ago Jungheinrich presented the ETV 216i to the public for the first time. At that time, the world's first forklift truck with a novel lithium-ion battery concept. A world premiere that set standards in terms of design, ergonomics and agility. Now Jungheinrich has delivered the 1000th ETV 216i. The Penny food chain in Italy relies fully on lithium-ion technology. Among them is a whole fleet of the PushmastforkliftEr ETV 216i.

The current delivery of Jungheinrich to Penny Italy includes seven Pushmast forklift trucks of the type ETV 216i. Among them is the anniversary vehicle with the number 1000. The push-mast forklift with integrated lithium-ion battery has become a box office hit for Jungheinrich since its launch almost two years ago. "The ETV 216i is the first forklift to consistently take advantage of lithium-ion technology. As a result, it is the most compact and powerful push-mast forklift in its class," explains Fabien Tozzi, Head of Product Management Forklift forklifts at Jungheinrich, adding: "It pays off that we have incorporated the ideas and wishes of our customers directly into the design of the vehicle."

What is striking about the ETV 216i is its revolutionary vehicle design. The integration of the space-saving and powerful lithium-ion battery means that it has significantly improved ergonomics and is much more compact than other push-mast forklifts. In this way, it achieves high agility in the bearing, but at the same time offers significantly more freedom of movement and a perfect all-round view for the driver. The result is better user-friendliness and overall higher safety.

Gianfranco Virgillo, Warehouse Manager at Penny Italy, says: "With the ETV 216i, the driver's comfort on board is higher than ever. It offers more space for arms and legs and, thanks to the raised seat, better visual control over the environment. These significant improvements are only possible thanks to the absence of the bulky battery trough. The integration of the battery makes the design more functional, both in terms of the well-being of the driver and the resulting performance."

In addition, the fully integrated lithium-ion battery offers additional benefits such as longer life, maintenance-free and better performance compared to the conventional lead-acid battery. Particularly short loading intervals allow 24/7 use, in which the ETV 216i can store loads up to 1,600 kg at a lifting height of up to 10.7 meters.

"We are very satisfied with our choice. Penny Market can already count 3 warehouses in which we use push-mast forklifts and pickers with lithium-ion batteries. In view of the excellent results achieved so far, we intend to complete the fleet renewal by 2021 and to use Li-Ion solutions at all other locations," says Angelo Loffredo.

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