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Simple control of access, effective protection


With our fleet management product EasyAccess, you can control access to your forklift trucks without a universal key - via the vehicle's display. By doing this, you protect your entire fleet from unauthorized use.

EasyAccess effectively contributes to the reduction of operating costs and the increase of safety in your warehouse. Due to your individual needs and the size of your premises and fleet, we have developed three versions of EasyAccess. These versions can also be developed for vehicles from other manufacturers.

More safety options

Security benefits of EasyAccess

EasyAccess provides reliable protection from unauthorized use. With this fleet management product you can control, which of your employees has access to which vehicles. By doing this, you improve vehicle safety in your warehouse. You also enjoy the benefit of reduced operating costs due to less damage of vehicles and warehouse equipment such as racks.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Protection from unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • No necessity for universal driver's keys.
  • Access control of the vehicles directly on the display of each one
  • Protocol of the last 10 users possible via display.

One solution for everyone 

Find out which EasyAccess version is best for you

Different company sizes and different demands call for flexible solutions. Therefore we offer three versions of EasyAccess: EasyAccess Softkey, EasyAccess PinCode, and EasyAccess Transponder. It's up to you, which solution is the perfect one for you and your fleet.

EasyAccess Softkey

EasyAccess Softkey works via the display of the vehicle by entering an access code. Up to ten different codes can be used.

EasyAccess PinCode

For larger forklift fleets EasyAccess PinCode may be the right solution: Up to one hundred different access codes can be entered on an additional pincode display on the vehicle's control panel.

EasyAccess Transponder

If you already use transponder cards, EasyAccess Transponder may be the perfect fit for you. This additional device enables the use of up to one hundred different transponder cards. This option is also available as a standalone product for forklift trucks of different manufacturers.

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