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Multinational supply chains, new trends such as the electric car, tailored vehicle construction in smart factories: The automotive sector is undergoing a period of fundamental change. To guarantee future success, speed is of the essence, as is a high degree of intralogistical competence.

Intralogistics 4.0 in the commercial vehicle area.

In Salzgitter, the employees of MAN Truck & Bus AG are achieving excellent results with an integrated total solution for uninterrupted material flow: Thanks to an interface with the in-house SAP system, the ERC 215a automated stacker truck is ensuring a reliable parts supply in the component plant. 

Modular flexibility.

In the new automated high-bay warehouse at HEWI GmbH, Jungheinrich AGVs perform a variety of tasks: as well as transporting goods, they connect the production and dispatch sections to provide a constant supply chain with no interruptions – and ensure maximum flexibility and productivity. 

Full speed ahead in the automotive sector: High-tech solutions for Industry 4.0

In these times of globalisation, the automotive industry is in the midst of fundamental change. Industry 4.0 is the measure of these things. Companies have to cope with multinational supply chains, and parts have to be delivered to smart factories with the utmost speed, reliability, cost efficiency and environmental compatibility. As a result, the automotive and car manufacturing industries require smart, forward-looking logistics solutions and sophisticated technology along the entire supply chain.

This in turn places high demands on the logistics processes in the automotive sector, which also require the flexibility to handle periods of fluctuating demand. As an example, more and more parts and deliveries are being equipped with RFID tags (RFID = radio frequency identification) so that their position is always known in the Internet of Things (IoT). Would you like to benefit from sophisticated smart technology to optimise the flow of information between manufacturers, suppliers and logistics service providers in the vehicle manufacturing sector? With our high-tech solutions, we at Jungheinrich are your ideal partner in the automotive industry.

Logistics 4.0: WMS and truck communication

Our Warehouse Management System, Jungheinrich WMS, controls and oversees all processes in our automotive customers' warehouses. This enables full or partial automation of processes in high-bay or narrow-aisle warehouses, while preventing storage and retrieval errors. Are you looking for a customised, high-tech vehicle construction solution, with everything delivered from a single source? Then you have come to the right place: The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface communicates directly with the warehouse trucks. As a result, the high-rack stackers automatically identify the next target location.

Our industrial trucks, such as the innovative EKX combi stacker, feature transponder technology with RFID readers. Parts equipped with chips can thus be recorded automatically. This results in significant time and cost savings in the multi-national supply chains common in the automotive sector. Of course, our trucks have also been available in electric form for a number of years. In this regard, the world of logistics frequently acts as a model for the automotive industry. With our high-tech solutions we can support you during this paradigm shift in the motor industry – encompassing everything from electric cars to autonomous driving.

We have a custom-made logistics solution specially developed for your industry.

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