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Flexible solutions for any industry

Cable sets

We construct and produce cable sets of any kind and for any industry sector. 

We have extensive theoretical and practical know-how in the design and production of cable harnesses. You can rely on our consulting and implementation services that can be tailored to your needs, regardless of the kind of cable set you want or which industry sector they are intended for.

Cable sets act as the essential nerve centres of any machines they are found in. Accordingly, their design and production are rather complex. We are familiar with these challenges: Everyday cable sets made by Energy and Drive Systems ensure the required power and signal flow in many different Jungheinrich products, which in turn set benchmarks in their respective fields of application. You will also benefit from the wealth of our experience.

Tailor-made cable sets from a single source 

From the very start of the construction phase, we work with the greatest care. We pay close attention to your exact requirements of the cabling system, keeping a close eye on cost-effectiveness and flexibility in the subsequent production at all times. Naturally, we highly appreciate your feedback at any stage of the production process.

Cable set production mainly takes place manually. Due to the variety and complexity of the necessary tasks, this practice is more cost-effective than an automated process. In addition, it ensures a high degree of flexibility because we can easily implement your individual wishes at any given time.

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