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Refurbishment services

The JUNGSTARS promise

Thanks to the unique industrial refurbishment process at one of Australia's most modern refurbishment centres, our restored trucks not only rank among the very best used trucks – they become “as-good-as-new trucks” with the industry’s best benefit-cost ratio and 12 months warranty.

Enjoy the same advantages of buying a new forklift truck. In addition, you receive a comprehensive service package. You can test drive at a Jungheinrich branch office, arrange individual financing options, and trade in your old material handling equipment.

Your advantages at a glance

More advantages:

  • New safety check (valid for 12 months)
  • 10 days return policy*
  • Test ride at your Jungheinrich branch
  • Optional warranty extension to 18 months*
  • Full service option
  • Mobility guarantee as part of a full service contract
  • Attractive financing options
  • Trade-in of your used truck

* 12 months warranty up to 1,200 operating hours. / Optional warranty extension to 18 months or 1,800 operating hours upon conclusion of a maintenance or full service contract. / 12 months battery warranty up to 1,200 operating hours in one-shift operations. Country-specific warranty conditions apply. / 12 months maintenance-free operation up to 1,000 operating hours. Adherence to maintenance interval according to the operating instructions is required. / 10 days return policy from date of the truck’s delivery for standard trucks. Return of the truck in reasonable condition. Return transport occurs at the expense of the buyer.

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