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In these times of globalised logistics, cost-efficient outsourcing of services has become standard procedure. We will support you with tailored solutions for your goods and supply chains, with your storage, transport, automation and everything else required to future-proof your logistics processes.

Strong fleet for efficient material flows

The 20-hectare logistics centre owned by pfenning logistics GmbH of Heddesheim relies on our fork lift trucks. The impressive fleet of 88 fork lift trucks is extremely efficient thanks to energy recovery.

Central spare parts warehouse in Kaltenkirchen

As a general contractor for holistic logistics solutions, we’ve planned and constructed our own excellent spare parts centre. This means our original spare parts reach anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

One warehouse, 600 tons of steel racks

Migros Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG operates a state-of-the-art non-food warehouse for order picking and replenishment. It supplies the entire Migros Group. Our pallet racks and fork lift trucks are the core of this warehouse.

Because every minute counts.

Bing Lee, Australia's largest electrical retailer, successfully converted its warehouse operation to an efficient 24-hour three-shift operation. Now 16 powerful EFG forklifts with lithium-ion technology handle unexpected production peaks on a daily basis – even in times of the pandemic.

Lithium-ion power at HOK-Plastic in Hungary.

Around 600 floor, single and block storage positions have to be managed in the warehouse of HOK-Plastic, a Hungarian manufacturer of packaging materials. The solution: Driverless pedestrian stackers and vertical order pickers in combination with automatic charging stations and logistics interface.

Real-time success all along the supply chain.

VFS, a well-known leader in over-night delivery to Regional Victoria and Southern New South Wales since 1998, successfully increased operation and cost efficiency with the help of  a modern Jungheinrich fleet powered by lithium-ion technology and managed by a smart fleet management system. 


Since 1966, the Bauerschmidt Group has been known as an innovative manufacturer of high-quality packaging and protective films. An ERC 215a Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) with lithium-ion technology ensures that the material flow never stops in the new production hall.

HelloFresh dishes up with Jungheinrich.

To deliver more than 21 million meals annually, HelloFresh Australia relies on our agile hire and service package. The worldwide leading supplier of cooking boxes with fresh, local ingredients particularly praises the high responsiveness and flexibility in the customer relationship.

Optimized picking performance

Modern entire intralogistics solution at GLX Global Logistic Service eliminates bottlenecks and significantly increases storage capacity.

Pallet and order-picking warehouse under one roof.

Jungheinrich implemented an innovative combination of high-bay and small parts warehousing for globally operating pump manufacturer KRACHT, where automated conveyor technology and intelligent control through the Jungheinrich WMS ensure maximum efficiency in all warehouse and order-picking processes.

Service provider Rudolph Logistik

Rudolph Logistik implements comprehensive logistics solutions in various industries. Processes were optimised due to the use of our automated guided vehicle systems.

Safe processes, simple integration

The Bielefeld-based logistics company Wahl & Co chose our expertise when constructing a new high bay warehouse. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our forklift trucks and the ease of integration into an existing IT System.

Automation 2.0 at Banner GmbH in Linz.

As one of the first clients the Austrian battery manufacturer Banner GmbH implemented the use of automated guided vehicles systems for rapid material transport with Jungheinrich already 10 years ago. For even more efficiency the new generation of EKS 215a is now replacing the old fleet.

Logistics: Everything you need for future-proof, error-free processes

The world of logistics is facing significant challenges in the form of ever shorter delivery times, growing price pressure and increasingly complex distribution requirements. Year after year, new savings potential has to be identified in this sector in order to survive in a fiercely contested global market. With us at your side, you can look to the future with confidence.

We will help you to implement cost-efficient, time-saving and flexible workflows. In doing so, we will attribute the utmost importance to a seamless and error-free logistics process as well as to the safety of your employees. Our powerful IT infrastructure guarantees efficiency and transparency, for example, in the form of end-to-end shipment tracking.

Do you handle different load carriers, or are you faced with an ever increasing range of products? We offer tailored logistics solutions for all our partners and are always ready to help thanks to our comprehensive service network.

From automation to energy saving

Logistics is a highly complex business and thus frequently requires industry-specific solutions. As a result, the range of technological and procedural implementations is virtually unlimited. As an example, some customers will benefit from the optimum space utilisation and high pick rates enabled by our high-bay or narrow-aisle warehouses. For others, our automatic small parts warehouses will pave the route to logistics success. When combined with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and pioneering IT solutions, many processes can be partially or fully automated.

You can thus choose to have your logistics processes running 24/7 and with minimum personnel – saving costs while enhancing safety and ensuring maximum efficiency. Process optimisation can also be achieved with our powerful and, if necessary, fully electrified forklift trucks as well as our automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Jungheinrich will work tirelessly to secure your future in the world of Logistics 4.0, all the while ensuring the utmost cost-effectiveness, safety and efficiency.

We have a custom-made logistics solution specially developed for your industry.

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