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Drive in / Drive through racking

  • Compact systematic storage
  • High level of space optimisation
  • Easily expandable
  • Particularly suitable for seasonal warehouses
  • Suitable for large volumes of identical items
  • Independent stacking and retrieval with drive-through racking

Drive in / Drive through racking

With drive-in/drive-through racking, load units are stored on the racking depth one behind the other on two continuous beams. When stacking/retrieving, a cycle per racking bay from top to bottom (or vice versa) must be observed. The fork lift trucks have the opportunity to drive into the racking bays. With drive-in racking, the racking can only be serviced from one side (lifo method). In contrast, drive-through racking makes it possible to stack items on one side while other goods are simultaneously being retrieved from the other side (fifo method). Throughput is therefore higher with drive-through racking than it is with drive-in racking.


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