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Genuine spare parts

A genuine item ensures safety

Only genuine spare parts bring with them the expertise of the manufacturer.

Jungheinrich Australia has exclusive worldwide access to genuine spare parts. Using genuine spare parts is the only way to maintain optimum performance between all components, ensuring maximum reliability and preserving value.

The genuine part entitles you to warranty claims

Jungheinrich guarantees certified quality.

Only our genuine spare parts meet the high performance requirements for forklift trucks and materials. Using foreign parts can affect performance, increase risk and result in expensive breakdowns.

Advantages of Jungheinrich rollers and wheels

Your forklift truck can only achieve optimum performance with genuine Jungheinrich rollers and wheels. Trust in the expertise of the manufacturer. We provide you with an extensive portfolio of rollers and wheels which fit every fork lift truck.


New safety regulations, modified warehouse and logistics processes or legal requirements often lead to the requirements of forklift trucks and warehouse peripherals changing. Often it is already enough to use simple component part options in order to restore requirement levels. 

From chargers to care tips and battery maintenance

Battery service, spare batteries and charger service: Jungheinrich provides a complete range of services for your electric forklift truck. This keeps your warehouse logistics in operation around the clock.

If you have any questions about our genuine spare parts? We are at your disposal.

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