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Stage EJE 112i_114i

Pedestrian pallet truck 1.2 - 1.4t

  • 122 mm
  • 1,200 - 1,400 kg
  • Innovative lithium-ion technology
  • Manoeuvrable and compact
  • Low overall weight
  • Intuitive battery handling
  • High level of operational readiness

EJE 112i/ 114i

The EJE 112i / 114i electric pedestrian pallet trucks combine the robustness and cost-effectiveness of the EJE series with the advantages of lithium-ion technology. This makes them ideal for conventional applications and use on HGVs.

Particularly convincing are the design of the battery and the considerably reduced size of the battery compartment. This enables a minimum front end (l2) of only 425 mm to be achieved. The overall weight of the truck, including the battery, reduces to just 315 kg (with a load capacity of 1200 kg or 1400 kg), making it much easier to use in the most confined spaces and in weight-sensitive areas – such as on an HGV tailgate. This is made possible through the use of the very latest lithium-ion technology.

The battery handling of the EJE 112i is simple and intuitive. It is particularly easy to exchange the 14 kg battery comparable in size and shape to a briefcase. The battery is easily removed laterally from the truck. It enables flexible usage even in multi-shift operation due to its rapid charge and boost charging features.

The EJE 114i is equipped with a battery permanently built into the truck. In conjunction with a built-in charger, the truck can be charged at any standard 230 V mains socket. The maintenance-free battery ensures maximum availability. The integrated battery management system monitors Interaction between the individual battery cells and ensures safe and reliable operation.

Both the EJE 112i and the EJE 114i are based on proven, long-life components in our EJE series 116-120.


No worries. No compromise.

With the Jungheinrich Li-ion Guarantee Plus, we give you a long-term performance promise of up to 5 years on our high-quality lithium-ion batteries.
Li-Ionen Zufriedenheitsgarantie Neu
100 % satisfaction. Guaranteed.

We are convinced this decision is right for you. That‘s why we guarantee that you can easily and quickly switch back to the original technology at any time within the first 6 months – without stating reasons.


Model Overview

Load Capacity
Lift (h3)
EJE 112i1200 kg122 mm6 km/h1575 mm24 V
EJE 114i1400 kg122 mm6 km/h1575 mm24 V

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