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Automation 2.0 at Banner GmbH in Linz.

Well derserved retirement for old AGVs after 50.000 hours of operation.

As one of the first clients the Austrian battery manufacturer Banner GmbH implemented the use of automated guided vehicles systems for rapid material transport with Jungheinrich already 10 years ago. For even more efficiency the new generation of EKS 215a is now replacing the old fleet.


• Successful cooperation between automated guided vehicles and manual forklifts.
• Very narrow transport routes and tight radii in the production area.
• Large number of manual forklift transports and high vehicle volume in the warehouse.
• Efficient processes between production units to increase throughput.


• Up-to-date automation solutions to modernize warehouse processes.
• Three EKS 215a automated guided vehicles with removable battery.
• Cantilever vehicle design for scalable material transport in the warehouse.
• Efficient energy concept for the implementation of economical 24/7 shift operation.


• Problem-free operation of the AGVs previously used with more than 50.000 operating hours.
• Higher performance and more efficient work through the use of the automated guided vehicles.
• Optimal adaptation to the fast-moving industry and maximum flexibility for the future.
• Relief of employees thanks to increasing automation of forklift transports.

Banner GmbH in a nutshell:

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